MAG-renew Mobile - Rental Units

MAG-renew Mobile Rentals?

Don't change your bath often, but still want to save money and help the environment?

Rent Mag-renew Mobile

When will it be available?

MAG-renew Mobile will be available September 2019

What is the cost of MAG-renew Mobile?

MAG-renew Mobile 1.0: $125.00 per day (renews up to 20 gallons)

Mag-renew Mobile 2.0: $195.00 per day (renews up to 60 gallons)

What are the benefits of MAG-renew Mobile?

  • Eliminate the cost of recycling old carrier fluid,
  • Environmentally responsible,
  • Rent a MAG-renew Mobile unit when it's convenient for you,
  • After renewal, just add new particles and you're ready for testing,
  • Costs less* than changing contaminated carrier fluid,
  • Faster than changing out the carrier fluid.

*Based on the total cost of new carrier fluid, recycling and labor